How to Find and Neutralize Your Subconscious Blocks in Minutes Using

The MAP Method

Learn how to gently rewire your brain in minutes and easily overcome stress, anxiety, past trauma, limiting beliefs, unwanted emotions, negative thought loops, imposter syndrome, and self-sabotaging behaviors - without hypnosis, NLP, or tapping - so you can navigate all aspects of life with more happiness, clarity, and 100% confidence.

Colette Streicher, LMSW

Licensed Psychotherapist

Founder of The MAP Method

The Neuroscience Based MAP Method™ Is The BIGGEST Breakthrough Since Hypnosis, Tapping, & NLP

What you'll learn in this breakthrough training

  • Discover the neuroscience that validates the MAP Method and see the amazing QEEG test results that showed profound changes across all regions of the brain and all frequencies (1-40 hertz) during a MAP session!

  • How to easily change your subconscious programming and belief systems to cultivate a faster manifestation of your personal and professional goals while also removing the subconscious blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck.

  • See the incredible case study of Vinard overcoming a severe stuttering problem after only 3 MAP sessions and how he then went on to win 2 public speaking awards at a Toast Masters competition.

  • How MAP can help you gently neutralize painful memories and past trauma without having to talk about it or emotionally re-experience what happened. See why this is so groundbreaking in the field of psychology! 

  • Learn how to get unstuck, become magnetic, and achieve big results in your personal and professional life with more ease!

  • Plus, in addition to the training, you'll get a FREE download of the MAP Method Roadmap! This PDF will explain everything you need to know about MAP. The MAP Method Roadmap will show you the path to easy, gentle, and fast personal transformation by rewiring your brain in minutes. You'll learn:

    • What is MAP?
    • Video Demonstrations of MAP
    • The science behind MAP and how it works
    • The difference from other methods and techniques
    • All the benefits of using the MAP Method
    • A full list of the 213 conditions improved with MAP 
    • Eye-opening testimonials...
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